Vendetta x Droppin Swag x Cowbell x Warfare x Drop Shot's mother
Stress Negative
$200/dose until August 1st then $250

What Vendetta did as a sire in the Southwest this season was nothing short of mind boggling, especially considering how minimally used he was! As his success unfolded throughout the spring, I was very interested to visit with Luke and learn more about the boar and where he worked best. During our conversation, he mentioned that he had a blue son that he thought was the most unique one he's ever made and could have the ability to outdo his daddy. When I first saw the video of Deadpool at show weight, I did everything I could to get him down here ASAP but as hard as Luke planned on using him, we just weren't able to make it happen. Fast forward a few months and hundreds of texts later and I'm pumped to be able to say we were able to come to an agreement and get him relocated at HFG! I can honestly say that I've never seen a bigger, more correct rear leg on a boar. His pins are as high and wide as you can make one and the substance and function from there down is truly amazing. Luke said he did everything he could feedwise to try to make his hock push out and it just never would. Every indicator of his feature just screams STOUT and RUGGED and the fact that he's the most opened up coming at you and the squarest underneath of the Vendetta line sealed the deal for us. Luke and Jesse already have 40-50 sows bred to him collectively so expect big things this next season! We want to thank Luke and Fallon for allowing us the opportunity to get one that is truly elite and can make big positive changes in that crossbred showpigs in our opinion!


Man Up x No Mercy x Black Onyx
Stress Negative
Homozygous Black
$200/dose until August 1st then $250

Very few sows and sow families can claim the amount of success that his No Mercy mother and her mates have accomplished particularly in the southwest! Highlighted by all this, his mother produced the Champion Cross at San Antonio 2016 shown by the Hilton family. This guy is an absolute man! Stout featured, big shouldered, broad backed, bold body shape and a steer-like pin set! A stout noggin with small, hard-up ears, runs uphill and his tailhead sits high like a champion show barrow's needs to all while having great big legs!

midnight Yell

Visionary x Buddy (Toxic 28-3 x Bulletproof) x Buddy's Mother
-Hard to find a more impressive animal
-Elite look with perfect rib cage and squareness
-Get ready for this one!

After March 13: $250/dose or $200/dose for 10 dose contract

Buddy x Buddy's Mother
- Midnight yell's mother

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Two Totties

Pinnacle x Visionary x Bear
Stress carrier
Owned with Glen and Zac Blount
$17,500 Class Winner at Fall Classic, Duncan
Bred by Git-R-Done Showpigs, AZ

-Manly featured and HUGE legged
-Boxy and Square with a massive arm and blade
-Perfect for taller fronted, better looking sows

Semen: $150/dose until March 13
After March 13: $200/dose or $150/dose for 10 dose contract

Pictured at 100 lbs



No Hesitation x Springsteen x Tapp Datt (Schley sow)
Stress: Negative
Bred by: Berger Farms

Semen Available: $150/Dose :: Until March 13, 2017
After March 13: $150/dose or $100/dose for 10 dose contract

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I knew I had to get by the Berger’s barn SOON when I received a text from Coby saying he had one on feed that was the best they’d ever raised.  The Berger’s are putting together a tremendous barrow-making program and we have won multiple shows in the past 3 months with pigs out of Dizzy Rooster, a boar we purchased from them.  The first time that I saw Manchild I knew immediately he was the one we needed to headline our boar battery and serve as the perfect complement to our Dizzy line. However, they were pretty dead set on showing him in Belton at the end of February. Well, it took a month and a half of negotiation, countless text messages and a pretty sizeable financial investment to convince them not to take him but we can’t thank them enough for the opportunity to own such an incredible beast that would’ve been the one to beat at the SWTC! Manchild is a freakishly HUGE legged, massively constructed hog that is dead square coming and going without any deviation at his elbow, front foot or hock placement. He’s a huge ribbed, fleshy sire that has a great appetite and the right body length for making barrows and yet he’s still killer fronted, strong pasterned and runs uphill with great elevation to his framework! Combine this with as much shape from behind as I’ve seen in a hog with his pedigree and we feel we have one that is built for 2015 and beyond!

Child's Play

Manchild x No Mercy
Stress: Negative
Bred by: US

Semen Available: $150/Dose :: Until March 13, 2017
March 13: $150/dose or $100/dose for 10 dose contract

This one is so much like his daddy but with a stouter skull and more muscle. He was such a unique animal to watch develop because he looked the part from a week old on and matured the way we hope they all do on straight grower feed with no fluff or fancy additives. Visitors have simply described him as a "damn good hog", "stout but still not messed up" and "even Man-lier than his daddy". His grandmother almost single handedly built our brand and his mother raised the Grand and Reserve Grand at Hill county in her first litter and this is the 2nd. She's perhaps as close to structurally immaculate as I've seen and is as good of a mother and pig raiser as we've ever owned. His mate sister was champion Hampshire at Nueces county, TX (350 head shown) and will be a major contributor going forward we hope. Highly feedable, elite designed, square built hogs are allowing Manchild to make his presence known and we think this son should continue that trend and could offer even more of a punch in terms of raw power and shape! We are pumped to put this guy to work this spring and he will get used hard!

Fortune Cookie x Big Gulp (pure hamp sow)
Stress: Negative
Bred by: The Joostberns Family, MI - $22K purchase at Fall Classic 2015

Semen Available: $150/Dose :: Until March 13, 2017

Showring presence is something that's such a challenge to dissect and describe with all the intricacies that factor into possessing it. Yet, we all can agree that it doesn't take anyone long to know it when you see it and it's absolutely vital to win at the highest level in today's ring. WICKED flat out has it and then some and it's blended with a bulky framework and carried by a tremendously MASSIVE yet functional set of feet and legs! Two concerns I've heard from buyers and breeders all fall: a) We're struggling to find QUALITY hampshire classifying hogs in our travels b) what can we outcross the sows that already are overloaded genetically with most mainstream lines to and still keep them built and assembled the right way? Well, we think we may have an option here in Wicked as he's one of VERY few crossbred boars in the country that are dammed by a purebred Hampshire sow and he has the perfect feature, color pattern and nose pigment to prove it. And it's not just any Hampshire sow, she's one of the truly elite ones in the industry who resides at Joostbern's and they're no stranger to raising some of the best ones in that breed. The Big Gulp mother is a daughter of their foundation female and herself was a very unique class winner at the NJSS in Louisville a couple years back. Three mates to Wicked were Grand and Reserve barrows overall and Reserve Gilt overall at the biggest county fair in Michigan in September guaranteeing litter depth and potency. Interest on this guy by many of this industry's best and brightest has been phenomenal! Killer belted barrows and females are the vision here on Wicked and we are excited to turn him loose on some of our best!

Dizzy's Mother

  Dizzy's mother's sister

DIzzy rooster

Swagger x Warfare x Alias 17-2
Bred By: Berger Farms

Semen: $100/Dose :: Until March 10, 2016

Dizzy’s dam was raised by Mike Fischer and is a littermate to the Grand Commercial gilt at the Iowa State Fair who now resides in the Sieren herd along with a $10,000 barrow sold at Fischer’s Sale of Champions. Great barrow skull and a cobra neck set to go with a MASSIVE chest and blade! Awesome forerib and body shape, HUGE feet and skeleton underneath him and the athleticism that barrows need to win BIG! The look, bone and muscle to get penned fast and the go power to hang in there til the end!

Rammer Jammer

Manchild x Poison x Power Drive
Standing at Brinning Genetics, IA

Manchild x Triple Crown
Grand overall, Lafayette Parish, LA


Manchild x Buddy

Size Matters x No Mercy
Grand Overall, Waller County

9 Lives x Bone Collector
- 5 time Grand Overall

R U My Sis x No Mercy
Grand Overall, Waller Ag Show

Turn me Loose x Fish Bait
Res Cross at BBB 2015

Authentic x Bear
Multi-time Grand on TJLA circuit

Poison x Power Drive x Warfare
Half Sib to High Seller at Angelo 2016

No Mercy x Bulletproof
Mother of Child's Play

Manchild x No Mercy
Child's Play's sister

Super monster x warfare

Buddy (Toxic 28-3 x Bulletproof) x Buddy's Mother
- midnight yell's mother

Warfare Daughter

triple crown 23-3
Triple Crown x Bulletproof

No Mercy x Detox